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Take-Out Charts

Written on Tuesday January 10, 2017 by B. Garner.

Throwing decent and consistent scores, while helpful, will only get you so far in the game of darts. If you’re unable to take out the final double, you may as well be shooting a score of three every time you’re at the line.

To increase your chances at being successful and winning your matches, you should make it your goal to take out the double as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Being able to confidently hit your three dart outs will drastically increase your game, your average, and your payouts in tournament play.

Below you will find the standard take-out chart as suggested by most professional dart associations. Below that I have added my own personal take-out chart.

Professional Dart Association Take-out Chart


My Personal Take-out Chart

As a dart player though, you should always remember one key thing; always take the double out the way you personally feel most comfortable. There is never a wrong way to take out a double regardless of what anyone says.

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